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About Us

Tim Church is originally from the bay area where he was born and raised. He worked in his parents auto shop from the age of eight and learned the trade. He moved to the Sacramento area in his early twenties and opened his own auto shop. He acquired a cabinet shop and he ran both businesses very successfully. He fished the Bass Masters circuit and started a tackle company. Tim moved to the north state area fifteen years ago and built a 10 acre vineyard on his property and created his own wine label. Tim still fishes, grows grapes and wrenches on cars but at this stage of life he is a dedicated rockhound and he has made his hobby of forty years into a business. He acquired his first mine claim nine years ago and now has a total of ten. He loves being out at the mine and he is obsessed with the beautiful, precious black opal. He mines the opals, designs the jewelry and markets and sells them at various gem shows and to buyers all over the United States. Tim now wants to share his passion with the other rockhounds out there and this year we are offering a "fee dig" in our never before cuts. Come out and meet Tim and he will tell you just where to dig to find your own precious black opal.
Tim Church

   MSHA Certified

Donna Church was also born and raised in the bay area but she wouldn’t meet her future husband until she moved to northern California fourteen years ago. After ten years in the Virgin Valley Donna has become a rockhound and loves to dig along side customers. She also takes care of the business end of things, social media, marketing and maintaining the websites.
Donna Church

Meet Daughtry...

He is our opal finding pup. He is half rat terrier and half chihuahua. Daughtry is a certified service dog. He will be seven years old this November and he insists on going to the opal mine every time we go. He will sniff out a spot, dig for awhile and then lay down, thats our sign to start digging where he is laying. He obviously has a nose for the opals. We have posted a few videos on our Kokopelli Opals Facebook page of him finding his opals. 
         The Opal Mining Pup

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